In Holland and a lot of other European country's there is an Agility competition with Trucks and Busses.

At the local Truckshows you can get your qualification points to qualify for the Dutch Championship. I've got my qualification at the local Truckshow Liessel in August 2002.

Ready to GO

The cycle test

The 1st Price

On June 21, 2003 finally there was the Dutch Championship. It was held by Restaurant Kanters, Moerdijk. Kanters is a very famous restaurant nearby Rotterdam. This was the qualification for the World Championships 2004 in Croatia.

The parcours involved 14 tests and you hat to do this tests in 17.5 minutes. I was to slow in the beginning so I hat a time-out after 9 tests. No Croatia for me but I hat a great day and ended at place 14.

Here some pics of the tests:

Passing the bycicle

Bull's eye

I hat to stop at 3,40 mtr before the sign. I stopped at 3,60 mtr. Not bad!!!